Registration for the 2022 YCL season is now open to competitors from the five host gyms (Diablo Rock Gym, Vertex, Gravity Vault Marin, Bridges, and Pacific Edge). On November 25, registration will be open to everyone. The maximum number of league participants is 130.

Registration for the 2022 Northern California Youth Climbing League season involves these steps:

  1. Complete YCL Registration/Waiver form
  2. Waiver Email Verification
  3. Payment with PayPal
Ready to begin the registration process? Click HERE to get started.

After completing the registration process, you will be contacted by the YCL.

COVID Policy

In order to participate in the YCL, all competitors, coaches and volunteers must adhere to each host gym's most recent COVID policy. Since the policies are always changing, we will not post them here; we will email all necessary information to you approximately one week prior to the competition. If you are curious, please visit the gym's website to learn about its COVID policy. (In general, proof of vaccination and masks are required. At this time, children under 12 are exempt from the vaccination requirement; however, this is subject to change.)

Participating Gym Waivers

All YCL participants must complete a waiver for each participating gym. Some may be filled out online, others must be downloaded and brought to the gym on the day of the competition. Please be prepared to pay for a discounted day pass at each event.

Financial Aid

If you are interested in applying for financial aid to cover the cost of YCL registration, please contact us at or (760) 933-2494. All financial aid recipients must demonstrate financial need. Thank you!